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Phones With GPS

The Advantages of Cell Phones With GPS

Imagine driving an unfamiliar street and witnessing a small car careening off the road. You realize someone may be hurt badly. Fortunately you have a phone with GPS which now you can use to call for help. The officer will ask you for your location which you can provide exactly because of your GPS phone. You probably safed someone's life! We have put together a list of GPS phone providers and retailers which you can find at the end of this article.

Since 2005 there is a law that requires manufacturers to incorporate a GPS receiver in nearly every cell phone on the market.
Phones with GPS can be used to download graphical maps, GPS related data and much more. But many people don't know about the ability to turn their mobile phone into a handheld GPS system that can be used for determining your current location and much more. Often cell phones need to be enhanced with special GPS software to enable GPS functionality.

With software like Destinator, Loadstone GPS or Humanware you can get the most out of phones with GPS and use them as handheld GPS units. With loadstone you are able to safe points of interests and you can locate these spots very easily later. These programs offer high-quality and specially designed maps that you can load, view and put bookmarks on. Phones with GPS don't limit their usage for mobile phone applications but also offer GPS apps and tools. Many phones with GPS also can be used as a satellite phone. For example, the Thuraya Hughes 7101 is a cell phone that combines GPS and Satellite in one phone. It comes with an optional external antenna for the satellite interface.

Providers and manufactorers of phones with GPS are Motorolla, Nextel, Nokia, LG, Audiovox, Samsung, Kyocera and others. We can send you a detailed list with GPS phone providers if you are interested in it. Just get in contact with us.

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